Friday, November 30, 2007

13 Reasons I'm on Facebook

Yes, I'm on Facebook. Started a couple weeks ago.
Didn't like the concept at first, but I'm enjoying it more and more now.

1. I don't have too many friends yet so I don't feel overwhelmed.
2. Someone I worked with a long time ago and who lives in London contacted me and we're sharing about our everyday life.
3. There are silly things: some make me laugh, some make me smile.
4. I love the visual bookshelf application (books, CDs, DVDs on display).
5. I enjoy updating my profile (recently discovered I can post about my favorite singers, groups).
6. You can write a short sentence about how you feel at the moment, what you're doing (status).
7. You have a word to say about the people who want to be your friends (you can deny them your friendship. That's funny, don't you think? I feel I'm back in high school, well, no, elementary school :-).
8. It's a collection of networks. I don't see how big it can be yet, but it is.
9. When someone contacts you, it sends a message to your email (so you don't have to check there for messages too).
10. You can even have a Christmas tree on your profile!
11. There are so many gadgets, it's a world of discoveries...
12. It's new, everybody's talking about it and I wanted to understand the «thing»
13. I think there's something there...

Photo Swap Surprises!

And here we go! Photo swap kits are on their way... Received my first kit the day before yesterday from Ani (photos, sweet recipe, drawings, kind note) and a second from Nina today (photos, postcard, ready-to-send card and envelope, personal note). I'm so happy I discovered swaps through blogs. I started with postcard swaps and then, one day, Ani suggested a photo swap +1 (with a little something as a bonus!). On top of looking for original ideas, we don't suffer the performance syndrome, we're just having fun. And we don't even know each other «for real»! Well, I tell you that and then I realize I kind of feel I'm getting to know them through their blog, their photos on flickr. What a nice idea. I'm delighted when I think of future swaps. What will it be? I don't know, we'll see! One thing for sure though, I'm ready, anytime for those who might be interested!

Friday, November 23, 2007

13 Discussion Topics

In the car with my daughters, we discuss lots of things...
1. places we want/ will travel
2. credit cards (a concept to understand for the younger one, a new step for the older one)
3. future career
4. school stuff
5. music we listen to (High School Musical for Miranda)
6. a video of my daughters when they were much younger (very funny)
7. weekend projects
8. stuff we need to buy (clothing at the moment)
9. films seen, to see
10. next year (high school for the younger one, cegep for the older one)
11. friends
12. cars (Miranda is learning the brands, Alizée is learning to drive)
13. and oh, we say silly things too. Sometimes, lots of silly things :-)


Oh, don't think I'm the kind of person who likes winter. Nah... I don't like winter but snow is so beautiful. Beautiful snowflakes falling down. Of course, we're only at the beginning of the snow season, I was working from home, I was not freezing and snow was still white, not yet gray/brown/black. Well, it was lovely here. And with the morning light, it was simply magnificent. The trees were heavy from the ice that covered the branches, there was still a bit of snow, the contrast between the whites and the sun, wow.I was afraid to be late for my meeting in Montreal, but I really wanted to have pictures so I asked Miranda to take a few for me. The one above was taken from her bedroom window. I love the reflection of the sun, it looks like decorations in a Xmas tree.
As soon as I arrived from work, I rapidly took my camera and toured the yard to capture exceptional scenes. It smelled great, fresh crisp cold air, everything was white, I enjoyed the "crunch crunch" of my footsteps in the snow. Yes, it's slippery, the stairs are covered with bumps made of snow/slush/ice, it's freezing outside and winter eventually gets on my nerves, but between you and I, isn't snow fantastic?

Friday, November 16, 2007

13 Songs that Make me Dance

Some recent, others, well... Still, they make me dance (sometimes even sitting on my computer chair!).

1. I Will Follow / U2
2. Breaking the Habit / Linkin Park
3. Numb / Linkin Park
4. Pictures of You / The Last Goodnight
5. How Far We've Come / Matchbox 20
6. World Hold On / Bob Sinclare
7. Into the Ocean / Blue October
8. In Between Days / The Cure
9. Vogue / Madonna
10. I Miss You / Blink 182
11. 1 2 3 4 / Feist
12. Move Along / All American Rejects
13. That Girl is Poison / Bell Biv Devoe ( Because of Scrubs)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Meeting with Tanja tonight to continue working on our book. What a great experience, an incredible opportunity to work on our own, and then together on such a nice project.

Because of this project, I've re-discovered my old collages and painting exercises, my little arts 'n crafts pleasures. I have many portfolios to keep my stuff, and once in a while, I like looking at them. When I do that I realize I like what I've done, that they're more beautiful, more to my taste then when I created them. Right after collaging (is this a word?) and painting, I have the tendency to see all the little details that don't make my creation as perfect as I wanted to.
On top of working on our book, we did a few artsy things tonight. Nothing big, just girly stuff while listening to Electrolove, Regina Spektor and... Diane Tell! Yes, Diane Tell! Well, to be honest, we were singing too loud to hear her... Too funny to find out that Tanja and I have another common interest!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

5 Things to Do to Be Happier

Last week, Stuart Knight suggested us 5 things to do to be happier, more motivated.

Here's the list:

1. Let go of fear. (Do it!)
2. Decide to have better conversations. (Easy! I'm not really good with small talk, anyway...)
3. Take responsibility. Stop making excuses.
4. Let go of what I can't control. (Getting better at this...)
5. Be the absolute best you can be (no more, no less).

Monday, November 12, 2007

SPEAQ 2007

Usually I don't talk about work. Today is an exception. Last week, I was at SPEAQ and I had such a great time. I saw fantastic people (some I knew, some I got to know) with whom I had great conversations.

I've attended quality presentations and I learned lots of stuff, especially about technologies. As a good learner, I've already reinvested to make sure I remember about them: I've created a account (adore), a Facebook account (don't really like it yet, but we'll see) and as soon as I can, I'll try the wikis...

I've also listened to great conferences, very lively and motivating. Fresh air is always welcomed when comes a season like fall: Thursday evening, an energizing hyperactive, Friday morning a moving "preacher", Saturday morning a colleague who makes great links between technologies and learning and a man who inspires anyone who meets him...

Monday, November 5, 2007


I was living with Françoise the year I studied at Ottawa University. She was a very funny woman from Belgium, and with her I laughed like I never laughed before. Sometimes I miss her... I often wonder what she's become.

Françoise had many miniatures on an old armoire and I was fascinated. I wasn't 20 and she was a great friend. Françoise was a little older than me and I learned a lot from her (Brel, food, how to have lots of fun). When I left, she offered me one of her miniatures. I still have it. It belongs to a collection of useless knick knacks decorating my kitchen.

In my collection (I've always collected stuff from as far I can remember, I guess it's part of who I am), are ducks from Martine, a flower from my love, a handmade bird made by Alizée, a fishing thing (don't know what it is, really) found in Bar Harbor, a jug brought back from Greece by my sister Valérie, a few pebbles (Washington, Percé, Forte dei Marmi), teeny-weeny shells, a «#1 teacher» frog (gift from a student), Claude's pocket knife, a toy green monster found in San Diego and some more...

I don't buy miniatures, they simply come to me. And these little treasures remind me nice things, great moments, important people of my life. That's precious!

Friday, November 2, 2007

13 Signs We're Close to Winter

1. I now wear socks everyday
2. Gotta wear a coat even when it's sunny
3. Winter tires are being installed
4. Trees don't have leaves anymore
5. My car sleeps in the garage
6. Gotta heat the house once in a while
7. There are good TV shows to watch
8. Winter clothes have replaced summer clothes in my wardrobe
9. I'm giving training sessions again
10. We're thinking about going South (West?) to run away from cold for a vacation
11. Hockey and football seasons (and I'm definitely not a fan)
12. We don't drive with the windows rolled down anymore
13. We change time this weekend...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Regina Spektor

My last musical crush (discovered on one of my idol's «Myspace»): Regina Spektor. Go visit her website and view, listen to her music videos. Divine moments!

Driving with the CD playing is one of my little pleasures these days...