Friday, May 28, 2010

13 Things to Bring to New Hampshire

Leaving soon for New Hampshire to take part in Squam Art Workshops... In my blackmobile I'll have:

1. Art materials (I've got quite a list!)
2. Comfy clothes and shoes
3. Insect repellant (by the lakeshore, mosquitoes rule)
4. Great music for the long road
5. A warm blanket for the cooler nights and the evenings by the campfire
6. My camera
7. A road map (in case my iPhone's network isn't available in the mountains)
8. Personal toiletries (yes,yes, I'll wash myself, brush my teeths, etc ;-)
9. American money
10. Business cards (for contacts)
11. Fun notebooks and pens
12. Food (for the road, to share with my future friends)
13. The bags, sock monkeys, make-up pouches I want to sell at the Art Fair on Saturday!

June Squam Art Fair

I'll be there next Saturday, come see me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corner View: The End of My Street

The South end of my street. Huge trees, it's a nice street, especially since the major road works that took place two years ago.

And the North end... Less trees, it's a more recent part of the street.

Friday, May 21, 2010

13 Deco Books

À la demande générale ;-)
13 deco books I read over and over. And over. And over.
Click on the photo to enlarge it

Photo Blogs

I love beautiful photographs.
I find them extremely energizing.
Some photo blogs who stimulate me nowadays...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corner View: Collections

Back with Corner View, a photo a week according to a theme (visit Jane's blog for the details). This week, collections. Hum. Hesitations. I am a girl who collects. Lots. Of stuff. Knick knacks. And so on.

Here is my collection of weeds (instead of the beautiful lawn my neighbours have).
There is also my collection of doors' pictures.

Or my numerous notebooks.
Well the photo above is a bit outdated, my notebooks look more like this now. (Yes, there are mooooore!)And right behing my notebooks, is a section of my deco books. I look at them often, it makes me feel good to see inspired, inspiring rooms.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A recent creation for a ladybug...
A gift that will fly in a plane in June!

My Friend Tanja on Design Mom!

My "partner in -art- crimes" Tanja is featured on Design Mom! And 'number two' is coming in August, how time flies...