Friday, November 23, 2007


Oh, don't think I'm the kind of person who likes winter. Nah... I don't like winter but snow is so beautiful. Beautiful snowflakes falling down. Of course, we're only at the beginning of the snow season, I was working from home, I was not freezing and snow was still white, not yet gray/brown/black. Well, it was lovely here. And with the morning light, it was simply magnificent. The trees were heavy from the ice that covered the branches, there was still a bit of snow, the contrast between the whites and the sun, wow.I was afraid to be late for my meeting in Montreal, but I really wanted to have pictures so I asked Miranda to take a few for me. The one above was taken from her bedroom window. I love the reflection of the sun, it looks like decorations in a Xmas tree.
As soon as I arrived from work, I rapidly took my camera and toured the yard to capture exceptional scenes. It smelled great, fresh crisp cold air, everything was white, I enjoyed the "crunch crunch" of my footsteps in the snow. Yes, it's slippery, the stairs are covered with bumps made of snow/slush/ice, it's freezing outside and winter eventually gets on my nerves, but between you and I, isn't snow fantastic?

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Ani said...

beautiful! we don't get a whole lot of snow around here, but i do love the crispness and the crunchiness when we do.