Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prezi, My New Love

A "Twitter" friend mentionned Prezi at the beginning of the week. Won-der-ful! Enough of the boring Powerpoint, hello Prezi.
It took me a while to get used to the tools. Forget the traditional menus, this is how it looks:
I can't wait to test my presentation tomorrow during a workshop where I'll talk about digital natives, along with other stuff. At home, everyone finds it really sharp, yessss.
By the way, on Twitter, I am @dominiquepl

Friday, April 24, 2009

13 AMAZING Things that Happened to Me Today ;-)

1. When I walk, I make an effort to smile to people. 'Cause around here, people don't even look at each other when they meet. I live in a peculiar little town.
2. Mimi filled the big blackboard with words starting with the letter B. Don't ask me why "B". Looks nice.
3. Have new Facebook friends. Have you seen this? Funny.
4. Ali is almost done filming her documentary (Two girls getting ready for a night downtown). Can't wait to see this. Seriously.
5. Claude only brought a wine bottle from his meeting. Since he usually wins digital cameras, laptops, trips, we're kind of disappointed ;-)
6. Threw my neighbour's cigar's tops back on his yard (what is this idea to throw them over the hedge, are you 10 or what?) Inhale, exhale, life is made of 1001 oddities, I might as well welcome them with calm, serenity even.
7. Received interesting feedback from a colleague. Waiting for feedback (that isn't coming) from a school principal.
8. Looking for an original ice-breaker for a group of 16 people. Nothing's coming. Strange. Me, the idea machine. Need lots of fresh air. Tomorrow.
9. Viewed a very interesting conference (in French) on the future of traditional media.
10. Been retwitted by someone "important".
11. Ate calmari at the restaurant. They were not that fresh I guess. Not telling you the rest of the story.
12. Decided I have to go see André Sauvé's show (French comedian).
13. Wonder what will happen to Sookie... Crazy stuff, for sure.
What about you? Anything AMAZING happened to you today?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny ecards

ecards that are SO not politically correct, enjoy!