Friday, May 23, 2008

13 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 41, Update...

1. Go to Las Vegas (leaving very soon!)2. Learn how to knit mittens and/or a tuque (done a mitten with no thumb:-)
3. Make a quilt for Mateo (who was born a week ago) (almost finished, really)
4. Go on a romantic weekend in Orford (and it was soooo relaxing)
5. Participate in Emily's green week (yes ma'am)
6. Play the piano at least once a week (even more the last few weeks, I practise my duet with Miranda, the piano recital is this Sunday!)
7. Decorate the dining room for Claude's birthday (oops, bad timing, I'll do a better job next year, promise)
8. Plan our summer vacations (Vancouver + Seattle) ( not planned, but we're going to Seattle all right)
9. Finish the document I'm writing for work (I just sent the first copy to revision, hurray!)
10. Make progress in my project with Tanja (we are very busy with other important projects right now, surely later...)
11. Lose some weight (at least a little...) (postponed again...)
12. Continue to save money (we never know...) (so proud of myself)
13. Make a very important professional choice (yay!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

13 Things About My Day...

1. I found Amy Butler's fabrics at Effiloché on Plaza St-Hubert in Montreal.
2. Incredible! My three favorite authors have released a new book recently: Anna Gavalda, Alexandre Jardin and Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (bought them, couldn't resist...).
3. The flowers in the trees smell so good (lilac and others).
4. I prepared something delicious for dinner, I do not cook usually: pasta with pil-pil shrimps.
5. I went for ice cream at our new spot, with Alizée.
6. Alizée came with me to do the grocery (thanks for your support, darling!).
7. All my chores are done (grocery, laundry, ironing, vacuum, dusting), I'm free for the long weekend :-)
8. I just put away my office stuff to make room for my sewing stuff.
9. I'm still waiting for some news from my dear friend Tanja (how are you sweetie?).
10. I watched Finding Neverland while I did the ironing ( I was a bit behind: approximately fifteen blouses and shirts to do...).
11. I installed the phone (couldn't hear anything with the old one) and it works fine.
12. Hubby called me from his daughter's brand new home.
13. I still can't believe I was interviewed for the radio (It's in French though, click on the Creacamp interview, bottom of the page).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're Waiting For You!

Baby Mateo, we're waiting for you here! Your mom is eager to finally see your little face and she's not the only one. This week's Thursday Love is the blog she decided to create to talk about you, share her new life...
Sweetie, I sent you positive energy all day long, can't wait to have some news!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Art, Everywhere

Look around you, there is art here. Here and there as well. The beauty of all things natural make me go bananas more and more, I «force» myself to stop to admire what is surrounding me.

Time is luxury in my busy life and I am spending it doing important stuff. So everyday, I walk around my house to look at my flowers (daffodils, tulips and other perennials appearing here and there), my mature trees, I listen to the birds and admire the lawn that is getting greener everyday.

Discovered through Whip Up, these photos inspired me to do ephemeral art, in the nature. I'm thinking about it and I'll keep you posted!
Leaf circle

Friday, May 2, 2008

13 Happy Moments of My Day

What a wonderful day, don't you think? The sun, the cute little birds and... it's Friday! Hurray, hurray! I'm celebrating the beginning of the weekend -which is starting right now- by doing my list of «13», abandoned for a while (work-work, computer crash, spring cold, etc.).

1. My oldest daughter spent the day making a movie with four of her very nice friends (hi Jacinthe, Liliane, Mélissa et Marie-Hélène!). Working with non-stop laughters and giggles is the best!
2. I'm presenting tomorrow at Creacamp, I am not ready and I do not panic. Way to go! Not to worry, I'll still be ready on time...
3. Go out for lunch and meet a former colleague with whom I ate and chatted for a while (hi Monique, t'was very enjoyable!).
4. Phone call from a neighbor who wants to give me some perennials (hi Louise!).
5. Give my love a ride (hi Claude) to the garage, so he could get his car back.
6. Drive with the window down.
7. Work like a beast (so efficient today).
8. Dress like a girl who works from home (FULL relax).
9. Receive a moving letter (little «homework» to do).
Since it's Friday evening, we're going to the restaurant! (I know, I know, two restaurants today...)
11. Listen to great music while working. Right now, it's Yael Naim singing «Pachad».
12. Alizée got great news: she found a summer job!
13. (Keeping the best 'til last) It's weekend time! Party :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Own Company

About 8-9 years ago, while I was teaching English as a second language, I had the idea of having my grade 6 students to get involved into a young entrepreneurs project.

They had to prepare a marketing plan, keep a budget, write a logbook, submit a final report and of course, produce some stuff to sell. It started quite small, but year after year, it became bigger... and bigger... Students from the previous years were talking about what they would do when they'd be in grade 6...

I don't teach anymore but «My Own Company» is still there. This year, my sweet Miranda and her friends sewed bags made of old pairs of jeans, cooked sweet snacks,
decorated frames, made necklaces. Each company had their booth in the school gym. I like that there's still a little bit of myself and that my idea has aged well :-)