Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer 2011 in 20 Pictures

Wonderful Summer:


Starting a new quilt.


Relaxing on the patio.

Painting this mirror frame.

Stripping this vintage dressing table (not finished).

Preparing Alizée's 20th birthday party.

Spending a great week in Maine with hubby.

Encouraging hubby with the major bathroom renos.


Going back to my Gratitude Journal.

Sleeping well (except for the mosquitoes episode ;-)

Sewing new stuff for myself.

Working on my first granny squares blanket.

Staying in contact.

Watching movies and TV series.

Enjoying ice cream sandwiches (THE summer 2011 dessert ;-)

Going back to powerwalking (and even running!).

Practising what Maya taught me at Squam last June.

Living surrounded by hilarious people.

What about your summer?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alizée Turned 20

Alizée turned 20 last Monday.
20. Years. Old.
A concept: 20 presents, 20 cupcakes. Each present had a number on it and on 20 pieces of paper (also numbered) I wrote sentences to be completed. Alizée picked a piece of paper, completed the sentence and unwrapped the corresponding present. A very simple idea, but we spent a lovely moment together. And we also learned more about her!
The cupcakes were delicious. I took the inspiration from the wrapping paper to decorate them (concept, concept). A little food coloring, coconut, Smarties and there you go.
A great evening!

Here are the 20 sentences if you feel like doing something similar:
1. The next place you want to visit...
2. What you like the most about yourself...
3. Something you learned about yourself recently...
4. Your favorite piece of clothing ever...
5. A dream you know will become true eventually...
6. A souvenir from your childhood that still makes you smile...
7. The most beautiful song...
8. Your extreme odors (the one you like the most and the one you can't stand)...
9. In 5 years, you...
10. Something crazy you'd like to do...
11. The most beautiful place you've ever been...
12. One thing you want to accomplish before you turn 21...
13. A flaw in others you don't mind...
14. THE movie you watch again and again...
15. What makes you laugh...
16. Your biggest accomplishment this year...
17. What you like to hear...
18. 20 years old is...
19. The most wonderful machine/invention...
20. Something you didn't know before this year...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First...

This is my first, my very first sock! I am so happy, the pattern wasn't too complicated, though there was a little "lace" on top... Very happy with the result. I kinda have to knit the 2nd now... ;-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaving tomorrow morning... It's gonna be awesome. Again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I visit A LOT of blogs. Sometimes I stop for a quick look, but for the following blogs, I always spend more time...

Fourmi rose: So that I stay in touch with my art partner.
Vie de merde: Because laughing is good. GOOOOOOD.
Motherhood is not for Whimps: A mother who makes me laugh. And think.
My Milk Toof: Too creative. I am officially jalous.
One Sentence: Same kind of blog as Vie de merde, with serious stuff instead.
Dottie Angel: Gorgeous photos!!! I love the fabrics, the feminine stuff, the embroidery, the knitting, the crochetted blankets. One day, I will go to one of her workshops. It's on my life list.
Habit: A sentence, a photo. Capturing the essence of the day.
Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante: A young author/illustrator I am really fond of.
Whole Self: A creative mother who is not afraid to get dirty.
Yarn Harlot: One of the teachers who will be at Squam Art Workshops in June and who is, "live" extremely funny.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Have Something to Say...

I don't know. It was like blogging wasn't as fun as it used to.

To tell the truth, I've been pretty busy:
watching good movies/TV series
going places...
I knit hats and scarves for my sock monkeys. Too cute, hey?

So, less time. Less interest for writing too I guess.

But today, two separate events:

• A waitress where I had lunch said something terrible about teens. I have something to say about that...

•I discovered
Squam Art Workshops teachers' blogs and I took the time to read some of their posts. I smiled. I laughed. I said a couple of "Me too!". It made me realize I also have something to say...

Sometimes I think I have nothing interesting to say. But, seriously, why should I worry about that? My blog was never created to attract readers. It has always been a place for me to write positive, pleasant, personal stuff.

A couple of years ago I went to a workshop where we were asked why we were blogging. For us? For the others? For a specific topic? Well, I blog for myself. Because it makes ME feel good. If YOU feel good reading it, well, Welcome to My World!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Miranda: 13 Personality Traits

My dear Miranda is turning 15 today...
1. Incredible empathy
2. Creative
3. Great communication skills
4. Generous
5. Funny (sometimes without realizing it ;-)
6. Smart
7. Curious
8. Artistic
9. Surprising
10. Knows her limits
11. Full of life
12. Foodie
13. Resourceful