Thursday, November 15, 2007


Meeting with Tanja tonight to continue working on our book. What a great experience, an incredible opportunity to work on our own, and then together on such a nice project.

Because of this project, I've re-discovered my old collages and painting exercises, my little arts 'n crafts pleasures. I have many portfolios to keep my stuff, and once in a while, I like looking at them. When I do that I realize I like what I've done, that they're more beautiful, more to my taste then when I created them. Right after collaging (is this a word?) and painting, I have the tendency to see all the little details that don't make my creation as perfect as I wanted to.
On top of working on our book, we did a few artsy things tonight. Nothing big, just girly stuff while listening to Electrolove, Regina Spektor and... Diane Tell! Yes, Diane Tell! Well, to be honest, we were singing too loud to hear her... Too funny to find out that Tanja and I have another common interest!

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