Monday, November 5, 2007


I was living with Françoise the year I studied at Ottawa University. She was a very funny woman from Belgium, and with her I laughed like I never laughed before. Sometimes I miss her... I often wonder what she's become.

Françoise had many miniatures on an old armoire and I was fascinated. I wasn't 20 and she was a great friend. Françoise was a little older than me and I learned a lot from her (Brel, food, how to have lots of fun). When I left, she offered me one of her miniatures. I still have it. It belongs to a collection of useless knick knacks decorating my kitchen.

In my collection (I've always collected stuff from as far I can remember, I guess it's part of who I am), are ducks from Martine, a flower from my love, a handmade bird made by Alizée, a fishing thing (don't know what it is, really) found in Bar Harbor, a jug brought back from Greece by my sister Valérie, a few pebbles (Washington, Percé, Forte dei Marmi), teeny-weeny shells, a «#1 teacher» frog (gift from a student), Claude's pocket knife, a toy green monster found in San Diego and some more...

I don't buy miniatures, they simply come to me. And these little treasures remind me nice things, great moments, important people of my life. That's precious!

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