Friday, June 26, 2009

13 Things We Saw in New York City Last Weekend

1. Huge billboards
2. Tourists
3. The place where John Lennon had been killed
4. Strawberry Fields and the "Imagine" mosaic
5. Dripping wet umbrellas
6. Lots of counterfeits (purses, belts, perfumes, sunglasses, etc.)
7. A funny movie
8. A real flea market
9. Lots of people at the Apple store
10. Lots of toys at FAO Schwarz
11. Dinosaurs
12. Heinous people (we couldn't believe it)
13. Exorbitant prices (especially for food)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Corner View: Music!

This week for "Corner View", the theme is music. Being in New York last weekend, we met this nice saxophone player. In the backgroup, yep, NY billboards, there all over the place!

On Design Sponge!

YESSS! I'm on Design Sponge today, featuring my crazy staircase. Soooo happy...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Street Fashion

So, no, no new photo this week, but this one is so perfect. Imagine, New York, in the summer time, a seamstress on the street doing crazy fashion interventions, could it be more plus "street fashion" than that? Exactly what I thought!


I know, it is strange, pictures of beds. But I really like beds, I do! A bed, is where you dream, where you start your days, where you think. In my case, it is the place I enjoy reading the most. It is also where I find my ideas, my concepts, seriously ;-)

My bed,
and Miranda's.
Sweet dreams!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Corner View: Out Your Back Door or Window

There's a group of bloggers (worldwide, of course) who put corner view pictures according to different weekly themes. I am late, and we're supposed to put the picture on our blog on Wednesdays but I've behaved too well for too long in my life, I deserve a little craziness (I am soooo wild, almost out of control ;-)

So this week, the theme is "out your back door or window". I didn't actually take a picture, but I had one that I took a couple of years ago. Yeah, I'm such a cheater. It is still a picture of my backyard, though, so not too naughty girl in the end.Next week's theme "street fashion". "Ze" question: will I go out to take a picture or will I still misbehave, be lazy and only go through my photo archives? Can you bear all that suspense? I live a wild life, filled with unbelievable, unexepected intrigues don't you think? ;-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

13 Sweet Things

1. Having a new toy ;-)
2. Wearing short sleeves even outside
3. Taking the time
4. Getting to know new people, great people!
5. Laughing so much with Mimi, in my bed (about the fish in her science class...)
6. Eating fresh ripe green grapes
7. Reading for a long time, in bed of course
8. Having wonderful visitors this weekend
9. Texting Alizée (with my new toy!)
10. Living in a peaceful house where passion/love is our motto
11. Be inspired
12. Receiving birthday cards by snail mail
13. Having projects that eventually materialize

And you? What are your sweet things?