Saturday, April 28, 2007


Last year, Alizée took part in an incredible activity; paint a real car. A volunteer agreed to let students paint her car. Previously, the girls worked on a small-scale car made of clay. The dynamism on the art level at her school is unbelievable. It had been an uncommon experience which she will remember for a long time, especially since the clay car is lying on a dresser with other art, in the basement, or, if you prefer, in Alizée's domain!

Friday, April 27, 2007

13 Reasons for Watching Too Much TV

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Amy
4. October Road
5. House
6. Medium
7. CSI Miami
8. CSI
9. Law and Order SVU
10. Crossing Jordan
11. Will and Grace
12. Numbers
13. Tout le monde en parle

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Teenagers Home

2 weeks ago I had a discussion with the owner of a videoclub. He told me how difficult teaching must be (true) especially when it's with teenagers (FALSE!).
Adolescence is such a great period, at home anyway. Not always easy I admit but those who suffer the most are the teenagers themselves, not the others. This life period is a key moment, a time for analysis, feedback, questioning, projection in the future, acquisition of autonomy. My, my...!

It's the moment where you want to be hugged by Mom, but not in front of your friends (come on!). A moment where you want your mother to take an appointment to the hair dresser but want to be accompanied (and not only to pay for the hair dresser). That's when you want to do it all, and nothing at all, where you dream of freedom but still hope for someone to be there, just in case. Being an adolescent is laugh a lot and cry a little (when it's the opposite, start worrying). This "awful" time is there to discover ourself a little more; talents, personal qualities, strengths, weaknesses too, interests, future projects.

I've enjoyed every moment with my daughters from their birth and I must admit I was afraid of this moment. Knowing what I know now, I'd laugh at myself! I still have a few years before my 2 daughters' teenage years are over and I can tell you that I cherish every second. Because, after that, you know, it will be ... take-off! I'm not nostalgic, nor worried but every present moment is tasting so good. Hurray for my teens!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring, Spring, Are You There?

Yeah, spring, are you there for good? Yes? Sure about that? You won't change your mind in a couple of days, right? Great.

Miranda did this "wallpaper" last year and it reminds me the pleasure I get when I do gardening. Especially since I learned to take it easy, otherwise, my back hurts too much... I've reduced my "play" area, it helps.

Gardening drawings. Notice the ladybug on the yellow flower, pretty (click on the picture to enlarge). Miranda has this funny details meticulousness. Other particularity, the colors of my gardening tools are exactly the same. These fresh drawings, spring-ish are on her art wall in her bedroom (next to Mighty Cat). Wait 'til I show you her Toutânkhamon, a piece of art!

Friday, April 20, 2007

13 Boys' Names I Like

1. Noah
2. Quentin
3. Maxence
4. Mathis
5. Collin
6. Graham
7. Theo
8. Sydney
9. Ian
10. Connor
11. Youri
12. Jeff
13. Ludovic

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mini Braids

My daughters have had long hair for a long time. I remember the time when I had to supervise the washing of those hair. What could I do when they left for summer camps? A bad experience with lice (during one of those camps) and the mini braids became a summer tradition. Of course the girls have grown up and braids are less frequent. But I remember the evenings spent in front of the TV (had to keep them sitting still for a couple of hours), the colored rubber bands (they could choose if they wanted only one color or a variety), the comb and the glass of water to wet the drying hair. Hours of pure joy, really. And a little guessing game as a bonus: How many braids on Alizée's head? Miranda's? Funny moment; when it was time to undo the braids; the result could be a nice curly head or some kind of hair mound. It was hilarious. Come on girls, mini braids again this summer?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Children at the Restaurant

Going out to the restaurant with the llittle family (meaning with children that are still quite young) could be a rock 'n roll event. Even more if parents didn't plan it at all. Because kids in a restaurant with unprepared parents = lots of noise, angry customers around you and a waitress dreaming of Valium! When I'm sitting next to kids in a restaurant (mine are too old now, so I spy), I can't help myself but noticing... A-Ha, nothing to keep them busy. A-Ha, parents talking while children are doing whatever they want. A-Ha bad habits and behaviours. Besides new born (then, nothing can be planned, really...), here are a few ideas to make the moment spent at the restaurant a great success and to go back home happy-happy-joy-joy!

1. Bring them stuff to keep them busy: crayons, paper, mini photo album, little cars (you can draw a road on the paper placemat, it's great!), finger puppets, small building blocks, figurines, card game, small book, etc.

Not a good idea: anything that makes too much noise, anything that can break (you want to avoid drama, right?), small parts that can get lost (more drama) and the usual daily toys (you need a little novelty here if you want to keep their attention).

2. Keep them busy while waiting: learning to put butter on bread is a great challenge, draw with them, have them participate if there's a salad or bread bar, tell fun stories, make them laugh (your neighbours will find it so cute and who knows, you might help them be happy for a while!), talk about how much you're proud of them (forget about blaming them, it's not the right time).

3. Avoid going to the restaurant when children (or parents) are too exhausted. You'd better keep this activity for a better moment.

4. Plan a survival kit, just in case (pacifier, bottle, blankie, extra diapers...).

5. Enjoy small pleasures: now that everyone is sitting at the table at the same time, that the meal will be prepared by someone else and that there won't be any fight to know who's turn it is to clear up the table and do the dishes, that's something!

Magical thinking? Come on...
Don't think that it's at the restaurant that you'll be able to teach your children good table manners. Everyone can tell if your children never sit still during meal time, that you let them play with their glass of water and other behaviours that might not be ideal.
In fact, it's at home that you must work the hardest to teach them good manners. The reward is when at the restaurant, they do well on their own. And then, aren't we proud of our progenitor? Mostly if next to us is a mommy running after the younger one who just decided to train for cross-country crawling between waitresses while the oldest is making a huge fuss because there are mushrooms in her plate that touch the potatoes and that daddy-dearest is watching sports news on the gigantic flat screen TV. You harvest what you sowed, unfortunately. So let's start right now: what a Monday! But the rest of the week will get better...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recycling Superman

Since she was 4, Alizée has had a little crush on Superman. What am I saying? She's hooked on the super hero! At 5, for Halloween, I found her a Superman costume. Saying that it was worn would be minimizing the thing. Time flew but her passion is still there. It took different shapes but the interest is definitely present. So much that instead of saying goodbye to the old costume, it ends its days recycled into a cushion, an idea and creation by Alizée. Isn't it ingenious the way she included the cape to the cushion ? Unconventional sewing is a family thing...

Friday, April 13, 2007

13 Girls' Names I Like

1. Delphine
2. Hannah
3. Margaux
4. Gentiane
5. Cassiopea
6. Louliko
7. Danaé
8. Madison
9. Romy
10. Leah
11. Dorothée
12. Mati
13. Salomée

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Haircut

Not a very good day: my neck hurts and my head feels like it wants to fall into pieces. What do you do then? Make yourself pretty. And, if needed, ask for help. Thanks Jo-Anne for the great haircut. I was clearly ashamed of my cranial hair: tough to tame, sad, faded, so or-di-nary. A little spontaneity was essential for my emotional survival tremendously affected by the awful spring (it's snowing now, darn...). In 2 weeks it will be Sophie's turn to refresh my hair color (icicles revealing my age are all over th e place). And then, then, then... Then my head will officially be spring-ish! I almost feel like my headache is fading away since my hairdresser started cutting my hair. Spring cleaning is on and it's worth it, it feels so great!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Elliot and Anaïs

I just got back from visiting my godchildren: Elliot and Anaïs, lively as can be. Spending time with them means dealing with difference. Because being twins also means being different. Of course, the fact that they are a boy and a girl is a major difference. Well, as I think about it, there are lots of things they have in common: do arts and crafts, laugh, receive surprises from their godmother. And I'm paying myself a treat! Today, was Easter chocolate special. I love preparing little gifts and they love receiving them: two (or three?) peas in a pot!
The picture was taken after our "we-are-six-years-old" shopping spree. Then I realized how much they are different... and similar! Thanks E & A for the laughs, the funny faces and your spontaneous comments. Love yah!