Sunday, January 31, 2010

Corner View: Favorite Hangout

Hangout? You mean out of the house? My wonderful, comfortable, colorful home sweet home? I think the concept of hanging out is less about the place than it is about the people for me. Here are a few people I love to hangout with...
The filmmaker

The actress

The two clowns

The artist/partner in crime

Miranda Celebrates her 14th Birthday!

A rainbow birthday party...
A wish...

A six layer cake...

A colorful decor...

A ribboned and starred lamp...

A rainbow of ribbons as table runner...

And we shall not forget the delicious sushis, the friends who came over -the girls dressed up (hence the huge black glasses on the first picture), sang, danced, made a couple of video clips and slept over. I work hard to give my daughters a birthday with a special touch; Ii's another way of telling them how much I love them, with a bonus: hours of fun and creativity for me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Corner View: My Style

A collage (made at Tanja's, during one of our arts 'n crafts evenings) of stuff I like, even if I don't necessarily wear them...

Friday, January 15, 2010

13 New Pouches

10$ each, sold here :


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrapping Gifts

I have always enjoyed wrapping gifts very much. This year, I started with brown craft paper (simple, cheap) and added a touch of red, white and silver. I made my own name tags (inspired by the blog A Creative Mint who also gave me the idea of using doilies).
It was a fastidious thing to glue all those sequins, but the effet was fantastic.
Yeah for sparkles!

Some of the stuff I used to decorate the gifts.

The many mini gifts for my nephew and niece: each one had a sentence from a Christmas carol. They had to find out the missing word and sing the sentence before opening the gifts. A nice family activity, because, you can guess, everyone participated...

When all gifts were wrapped and decorated, I put them in a transparent paper, attaching their Christmas ornament to it (it's a tradition I started 3 years ago, every year I offer them an ornament according to a theme. This year's theme was creatures from the forest).

Corner View: Holidays

I had a wonderful during the holidays. Won. Der. Ful. Two parties. Lots of free time. Cinema, reading, music, a little reno in the dining room, lots of lazy mornings in bed.
Lovely Alizée...

Lovely Miranda...

Dear hubby and I...

One of my gifts.

My dad in his kitchen.

The new dining room color: orange popsicle!

Friday, January 8, 2010

13 Blogs to Visit (Part 2)

1. A Collection a Day (It's collection extravaganza by Lisa Congdon)
2. A Creative Mint (Colorful. Adorable pictures.)
3. Anahata Katkin (A friend of Sabrina Ward Harrison. Another lovely artist.)
4. Artsyville (I love her illustrations; fresh, fun!)
5. Christine Clemmensen (Lots of stuff...)
6. Desire to Inspire (Home decor that ARE inspiring)
7. Dress, Design & Decor (Vavoom! Femmes fatales with girly, girly clothes, jewels and decor)
8. Happy Together (A lovely family, a sewing and crafting mama)
9. Huffmania (Pictures of remarkable quality. Very touching.)
10. In Over Your Head (Interesting reflections)
11. Krisatomic (Great pictures & illustrations)
12. Mademoiselle Sarah (A friend I met at Creacamp who has a wonderful life)
13. Pam Garrison (She sews images instead of glueing them I LOVE it!)
Okay, a bonus: Souvenirs (SO girly. Irresistible. )