Friday, October 31, 2008

13 Things I Smelled While Fastwalking

1. rain
2. crisp fresh autumn air
3. French fries from la Cantine Chez Jos
4. pine trees (which reminds me of camping when I was a child)
5. cedar (I live in cedar hedge wonderland, so...)
6. freshly mowed lawn (less frequent since a couple of weeks!)
7. tar (and that really stinks!)
8. old men's aftershave when I pass them (in the morning only)
9. pollution (trucks, cars)
10. kitchen smells (and that smells good!)
11. compost or garbage when I decide to fastwalk on Tuesday or Thursday morning
12. apples (and a few weeks later, when apples are rotting on the ground, some sour smell, almost like vinegar)
13. and worst of all... stinky skunks (panic button, I keep my eyes wide open, ready to escape, yes, I'm afraid of skunks. Very. Really. Totally. Scared. That's it.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

13 Things To Do, One Day...

1. Film one of my neighbor when he does crazy stuff (I have opportunities everyday)
2. Pretend to know someone in the subway, talk to her without letting her say she doesn't know me and leave as if we'd meet again
3. Travel to a quiet place, a small village, rent a house, preferably off season
4. Read non-stop, for a full day
5. When the phone rings and someone asks to talk to Raymond, say something more interesting than «You've got a wrong number», ideas anyone? )
6. Give the mailman a scare when he delivers my mail (he is never nice, even if I am, I say hi and he doesn't even respond, what a jerk...)
7. Organize un party with my girlfriends who love to dance. I'd put all the music I adore, we'd dance for hours and the day after I couldn't even walk, party!!!
8. Send surprize gifts (cards, flowers and others) without telling they're from me, with only a nice note.
9. Have my own craft place, a room just for me, with lots of natural light, a TV, a bed/couch to think, find ideas (and to take naps as well...), good speakers (loud music inspires me), lots of closets and drawers and a huge table.
10. Sing in public (Karaoke? With the Bend Your Knees Band?) one more time.
11. Talk to my parents (we'll see...)
12. Try drinking tea (I can't believe I wrote that, I NEVER drink anything hot...)
13. When I'll be REALLY mad, throw my printer through the window (I dream about it). To see it in pieces... :-D Oh, this list has potential!

Café Zira

I went to the restaurant tonight with my dear Alizée and her iPhone, the iPhone almost being human with all its gadgets!

So, night out in a place I particularly like: Café Zira in Saint-Hyacinthe. The food is simple AND original (my favorite thing is the Créole sandwich...), a cosy, nice place to eat. Even if it took me 20 minutes to find a parking space (no joke, downtown was full packed!), it was nothing, really.

It's also the place where Alizée had one of her dreams come true: eat chips with a fork: she found nachos soaking in the salsa, all soft and ready for «ze» fork. Of course, a picture was taken (yes, of course, with the iPhone previously mentioned) to capture this very emotional momen .:-) Alizée has extraordinary life goals like that (there are so many other crazy ones, she's really a funny young adult). It's inspiring me for my Friday list of «13»...