Friday, November 30, 2007

13 Reasons I'm on Facebook

Yes, I'm on Facebook. Started a couple weeks ago.
Didn't like the concept at first, but I'm enjoying it more and more now.

1. I don't have too many friends yet so I don't feel overwhelmed.
2. Someone I worked with a long time ago and who lives in London contacted me and we're sharing about our everyday life.
3. There are silly things: some make me laugh, some make me smile.
4. I love the visual bookshelf application (books, CDs, DVDs on display).
5. I enjoy updating my profile (recently discovered I can post about my favorite singers, groups).
6. You can write a short sentence about how you feel at the moment, what you're doing (status).
7. You have a word to say about the people who want to be your friends (you can deny them your friendship. That's funny, don't you think? I feel I'm back in high school, well, no, elementary school :-).
8. It's a collection of networks. I don't see how big it can be yet, but it is.
9. When someone contacts you, it sends a message to your email (so you don't have to check there for messages too).
10. You can even have a Christmas tree on your profile!
11. There are so many gadgets, it's a world of discoveries...
12. It's new, everybody's talking about it and I wanted to understand the «thing»
13. I think there's something there...

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