Monday, August 31, 2009

A Glimpse

The yukky work in the kitchen is almost over. Still missing a countertop (it's gonna be something!), a sink and the plain white (large tiles) backsplash. So little to do, compared to the mess we had to live in mid-August. I can't believe how beautiful it is. I regularly end up in there, just admiring everything, enjoying it.
It even inspires me to write fridge poetry.
This morning light in there was fabulous...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I AM a positive person

I WANT my daughters to stay happy forever.

I HAVE an incredible husband

I KEEP learning, every day.

I WISH I COULD be more motivated to do yoga.

I HATE people who are grumpy.

I FEAR skunks, but hey that's something you might already know.

I HEAR babies giggling and I'm instantly happy.

I DON'T THINK I'll ever be a grouchy old lady.

I REGRET that I lost my time with people who were so not nice...

I LOVE sewing, listening to music, watching movies (or DVD series), reading, writing, surfing the Internet, traveling, dreaming...

I AM NOT able to work, work, work. I need a more serene life.

I DANCE like crazy, can't wait for a party, who's organizing one?

I SING in the car. And I'm loud baby, I'm loud!

I NEVER remember phone numbers, well, numbers in general.

I REALLY want to publish a book with my friend Tanja.

I CRY WHEN people are awful to me.

I AM NOT ALWAYS tidy (Yesssss, I cured myself from my obsession to organize, tidy everything, all the time).

I HATE when people scream and swear especially in front of children.

I AM CONFUSED ABOUT my left and my right. I've always been.

I NEED my family, my friends.

I SHOULD go buy Alias 3 this weekend, I can't wait to see what's happening to Sydney!

Monday, August 17, 2009

In One Word

Let's start the week with one word questions and answers:
(If you feel like answering them too, go ahead!)

Cell? iPhone
Love? always
Hair? ponytail
Mother? distance
Father? closer
Children? happiness
Thing? dreaming
Goal? create
Place? home
Hobby? reading
Afraid? skunks
Future? peace
Yesterday? pool
Personality? eclectic
Gift? books
Childhood? Sainte-Rosalie
Clothes? capri
TV? off
Pets? never
Computer? everyday
Mood? energized
Missing? nothing
Car? old
Makeup? light
Store? Anthropologie
Summer? fantastic
Color? pink
Laugh? often
Cry? rarely
Obsession? notebooks

Friday, August 7, 2009

13 Things I Learned About Myself This Summer

1. I can drive for long hours if there's good loud music playing
2. I like the St-Lawrence River more and more
3. I can't stand to stay under the sun for long
4. Weather doesn't affect me when I'm on vacation
5. My hair now curls naturally. Hormones I guess...
6. I can avoid spending when I decide to
7. I like retro stuff ("diner" style)
8. I prefer stripping off paint to painting (how bizarre)
9. I am becoming a zen person
10. I am a quiet person, but when it's party time, here I come!
11. I prefer going to the movies during the day (cheaper, less people)
12. Eating less meat is easier than I thought
13. I LOVE road trips. I'm planing another one next summer. Direction? Brooklyn!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My New Ancient Piano

If this piano could talk... With its notes in ivory and ebony, the lacy wood that allows us to see the hammers hit the strings, our piano tuner told us it had at least 100 years old. I am very happy I took the time to strip the coats of paint covering it and paint it again, in white. It looks astonishing don't you think?