Friday, November 2, 2007

13 Signs We're Close to Winter

1. I now wear socks everyday
2. Gotta wear a coat even when it's sunny
3. Winter tires are being installed
4. Trees don't have leaves anymore
5. My car sleeps in the garage
6. Gotta heat the house once in a while
7. There are good TV shows to watch
8. Winter clothes have replaced summer clothes in my wardrobe
9. I'm giving training sessions again
10. We're thinking about going South (West?) to run away from cold for a vacation
11. Hockey and football seasons (and I'm definitely not a fan)
12. We don't drive with the windows rolled down anymore
13. We change time this weekend...


madre adoptiva said...

I bet it's really getting chilly where you are!

Dominique said...

It is! 40 F right now...