Friday, May 23, 2008

13 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 41, Update...

1. Go to Las Vegas (leaving very soon!)2. Learn how to knit mittens and/or a tuque (done a mitten with no thumb:-)
3. Make a quilt for Mateo (who was born a week ago) (almost finished, really)
4. Go on a romantic weekend in Orford (and it was soooo relaxing)
5. Participate in Emily's green week (yes ma'am)
6. Play the piano at least once a week (even more the last few weeks, I practise my duet with Miranda, the piano recital is this Sunday!)
7. Decorate the dining room for Claude's birthday (oops, bad timing, I'll do a better job next year, promise)
8. Plan our summer vacations (Vancouver + Seattle) ( not planned, but we're going to Seattle all right)
9. Finish the document I'm writing for work (I just sent the first copy to revision, hurray!)
10. Make progress in my project with Tanja (we are very busy with other important projects right now, surely later...)
11. Lose some weight (at least a little...) (postponed again...)
12. Continue to save money (we never know...) (so proud of myself)
13. Make a very important professional choice (yay!)

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