Thursday, May 8, 2008

Art, Everywhere

Look around you, there is art here. Here and there as well. The beauty of all things natural make me go bananas more and more, I «force» myself to stop to admire what is surrounding me.

Time is luxury in my busy life and I am spending it doing important stuff. So everyday, I walk around my house to look at my flowers (daffodils, tulips and other perennials appearing here and there), my mature trees, I listen to the birds and admire the lawn that is getting greener everyday.

Discovered through Whip Up, these photos inspired me to do ephemeral art, in the nature. I'm thinking about it and I'll keep you posted!
Leaf circle


Sarah said...

Those are beautiful works of art!

Dominique said...

I agree. Now I have to find an idea and do it myself!

Ani said...

these are great!

have you seen the documentary about goldsworthy? such great food for thought.