Friday, May 2, 2008

13 Happy Moments of My Day

What a wonderful day, don't you think? The sun, the cute little birds and... it's Friday! Hurray, hurray! I'm celebrating the beginning of the weekend -which is starting right now- by doing my list of «13», abandoned for a while (work-work, computer crash, spring cold, etc.).

1. My oldest daughter spent the day making a movie with four of her very nice friends (hi Jacinthe, Liliane, Mélissa et Marie-Hélène!). Working with non-stop laughters and giggles is the best!
2. I'm presenting tomorrow at Creacamp, I am not ready and I do not panic. Way to go! Not to worry, I'll still be ready on time...
3. Go out for lunch and meet a former colleague with whom I ate and chatted for a while (hi Monique, t'was very enjoyable!).
4. Phone call from a neighbor who wants to give me some perennials (hi Louise!).
5. Give my love a ride (hi Claude) to the garage, so he could get his car back.
6. Drive with the window down.
7. Work like a beast (so efficient today).
8. Dress like a girl who works from home (FULL relax).
9. Receive a moving letter (little «homework» to do).
Since it's Friday evening, we're going to the restaurant! (I know, I know, two restaurants today...)
11. Listen to great music while working. Right now, it's Yael Naim singing «Pachad».
12. Alizée got great news: she found a summer job!
13. (Keeping the best 'til last) It's weekend time! Party :-)

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