Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Vacations

I'm in the middle of my summer vacations and loving every minute of it. Been to the movies, read a little (more to come), swam in our pool, sewed a lot, took pictures, went to the restaurant with my loved ones, listened to great music and in 2 days will do arts 'n crafts with my dear friend Tanja.

And this morning, an envelope that clearly wasn't a bill nor junk... A few weeks ago I sent Cathy a CD with "musique québécoise" and she answered back with a lovely thank you card and this great other card.

I felt so good while preparing my surprise to her, I wasn't looking for anything in exchange but I did make a connection with someone living far from Québec and that's what is so precious to me. Those who say that Internet isolates us are missing the point... Internet can be a way of connecting to others in a different and interesting way. It's my summer "coup de coeur". Being nice to people (even if you don't really know them) is so much fun!

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