Saturday, July 21, 2007

With a Little Umbrella

In our home, sweet home lives a 16 year-old (in 18 days) who just started her driving lessons. 16 is a big jump, a giant step because of that. So she's learning the meaning of all the road signs and is way more interested by what's happening to our feet while driving (learning to drive with a standard car seems to be "something"...). Well, mademoiselle is getting older. That's what happens to all of us everyday, but somehow, it seems that at times, in our life, it shows a little more.

She's helping out too. Tonight as we were getting ready for dinner, she agreed to prepare Claude a drink. A drink, a real one, with al-co-hol! She carefully followed the recipe (ice, lemon, coke, rhum -a little more, ok, that's fine, stop, that's plenty!). You can admire her creation, decorated with a nice little umbrella!

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