Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Mess

I've invaded the dining room for a few days because of my sewing. This summer seems to be the summer of all quilts. The first one was done in a flash (2 days of cutting, 2 days of sewing) but it's clearly not the case with the second. Well, I only spend an hour or two a day on it, that slows down the process a little!

When I go by this mess, I don't get sick because of it. Before, I couldn't let myself leave my stuff all over the place. Miss "everything-must-be-put-away" kind of person. Now I can tell myself that this mess is justified, that it is my work station, a place to create, a nook for little pleasures. So I live within this mess (non permanent though) and I don't feel guilty, I don't feel I'm a bad mother giving the wrong example to her teenage daughters, I don't have the impression that I'm lazy for not cleaning up. I'm learning to appreciate mess, to analyze it and to even find it beautiful. Hummm, is it really me talking? :-)

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