Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Surprise!

Yesterday, while reading a postcard swap "friend" blog, I had an idea! I've decided to surprise her.

Naturally, I can't tell you what it consists of, it has to stay a secret. Well, Tanja knows (we were doing arts 'n crafts together when I had the idea), but I have to keep it quiet until the right moment... Otherwise, the effect won't be as interesting if I write too much about it.

Because since I'm part of Hula's group, people read me more, my flickr photos are viewed more, so goodbye anonymity! It's kind of weird in a way, knowing that there might be more than 3 people reading these words. It has never been my intention, I'm getting used to it!

Got to go back to my surprise...

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Oh, Dominique, you're wonderful! I went to my mailbox today and found a CD full of Quebecian songs! I can't wait to listen. It was so sweetly wrapped in a red ribbon too. Please keep spreading joy around the world the way that you do. Thank you for thinking of me.