Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mini Braids

My daughters have had long hair for a long time. I remember the time when I had to supervise the washing of those hair. What could I do when they left for summer camps? A bad experience with lice (during one of those camps) and the mini braids became a summer tradition. Of course the girls have grown up and braids are less frequent. But I remember the evenings spent in front of the TV (had to keep them sitting still for a couple of hours), the colored rubber bands (they could choose if they wanted only one color or a variety), the comb and the glass of water to wet the drying hair. Hours of pure joy, really. And a little guessing game as a bonus: How many braids on Alizée's head? Miranda's? Funny moment; when it was time to undo the braids; the result could be a nice curly head or some kind of hair mound. It was hilarious. Come on girls, mini braids again this summer?

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