Thursday, April 5, 2007

Elliot and Anaïs

I just got back from visiting my godchildren: Elliot and Anaïs, lively as can be. Spending time with them means dealing with difference. Because being twins also means being different. Of course, the fact that they are a boy and a girl is a major difference. Well, as I think about it, there are lots of things they have in common: do arts and crafts, laugh, receive surprises from their godmother. And I'm paying myself a treat! Today, was Easter chocolate special. I love preparing little gifts and they love receiving them: two (or three?) peas in a pot!
The picture was taken after our "we-are-six-years-old" shopping spree. Then I realized how much they are different... and similar! Thanks E & A for the laughs, the funny faces and your spontaneous comments. Love yah!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, You Don't Know Me But I Was Just Looking At The Fact That Your Grandchilren Have My Name

Anais Elliott