Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Haircut

Not a very good day: my neck hurts and my head feels like it wants to fall into pieces. What do you do then? Make yourself pretty. And, if needed, ask for help. Thanks Jo-Anne for the great haircut. I was clearly ashamed of my cranial hair: tough to tame, sad, faded, so or-di-nary. A little spontaneity was essential for my emotional survival tremendously affected by the awful spring (it's snowing now, darn...). In 2 weeks it will be Sophie's turn to refresh my hair color (icicles revealing my age are all over th e place). And then, then, then... Then my head will officially be spring-ish! I almost feel like my headache is fading away since my hairdresser started cutting my hair. Spring cleaning is on and it's worth it, it feels so great!

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