Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring, Spring, Are You There?

Yeah, spring, are you there for good? Yes? Sure about that? You won't change your mind in a couple of days, right? Great.

Miranda did this "wallpaper" last year and it reminds me the pleasure I get when I do gardening. Especially since I learned to take it easy, otherwise, my back hurts too much... I've reduced my "play" area, it helps.

Gardening drawings. Notice the ladybug on the yellow flower, pretty (click on the picture to enlarge). Miranda has this funny details meticulousness. Other particularity, the colors of my gardening tools are exactly the same. These fresh drawings, spring-ish are on her art wall in her bedroom (next to Mighty Cat). Wait 'til I show you her Toutânkhamon, a piece of art!

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