Thursday, April 26, 2007

Teenagers Home

2 weeks ago I had a discussion with the owner of a videoclub. He told me how difficult teaching must be (true) especially when it's with teenagers (FALSE!).
Adolescence is such a great period, at home anyway. Not always easy I admit but those who suffer the most are the teenagers themselves, not the others. This life period is a key moment, a time for analysis, feedback, questioning, projection in the future, acquisition of autonomy. My, my...!

It's the moment where you want to be hugged by Mom, but not in front of your friends (come on!). A moment where you want your mother to take an appointment to the hair dresser but want to be accompanied (and not only to pay for the hair dresser). That's when you want to do it all, and nothing at all, where you dream of freedom but still hope for someone to be there, just in case. Being an adolescent is laugh a lot and cry a little (when it's the opposite, start worrying). This "awful" time is there to discover ourself a little more; talents, personal qualities, strengths, weaknesses too, interests, future projects.

I've enjoyed every moment with my daughters from their birth and I must admit I was afraid of this moment. Knowing what I know now, I'd laugh at myself! I still have a few years before my 2 daughters' teenage years are over and I can tell you that I cherish every second. Because, after that, you know, it will be ... take-off! I'm not nostalgic, nor worried but every present moment is tasting so good. Hurray for my teens!

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