Friday, June 5, 2009

13 Sweet Things

1. Having a new toy ;-)
2. Wearing short sleeves even outside
3. Taking the time
4. Getting to know new people, great people!
5. Laughing so much with Mimi, in my bed (about the fish in her science class...)
6. Eating fresh ripe green grapes
7. Reading for a long time, in bed of course
8. Having wonderful visitors this weekend
9. Texting Alizée (with my new toy!)
10. Living in a peaceful house where passion/love is our motto
11. Be inspired
12. Receiving birthday cards by snail mail
13. Having projects that eventually materialize

And you? What are your sweet things?


Ani said...

3..rainy week
4..future road trips
5..inspired by echoes blog's cool enough to wear the sweater i finished knitting last month

Dominique said...

Ani, Fridays sure are sweet things!

jane said...

hi dominique- thanks for visiting. i´m glad you did because now i´ve found yours. love all your lists! plus i have a soft spot for montreal- it´s where i spent my honeymoon:) am off to read more- besos-jane

Dominique said...

Hi Jane,

It's a pleasure having you into My World. I'm thinking of joining your "corner views", seems fun!