Thursday, June 11, 2009

Corner View: Out Your Back Door or Window

There's a group of bloggers (worldwide, of course) who put corner view pictures according to different weekly themes. I am late, and we're supposed to put the picture on our blog on Wednesdays but I've behaved too well for too long in my life, I deserve a little craziness (I am soooo wild, almost out of control ;-)

So this week, the theme is "out your back door or window". I didn't actually take a picture, but I had one that I took a couple of years ago. Yeah, I'm such a cheater. It is still a picture of my backyard, though, so not too naughty girl in the end.Next week's theme "street fashion". "Ze" question: will I go out to take a picture or will I still misbehave, be lazy and only go through my photo archives? Can you bear all that suspense? I live a wild life, filled with unbelievable, unexepected intrigues don't you think? ;-)


jane said...

better late than never. thanks dominique. i´d bbq out there every night in summer. have a great weekend-jane

Dominique said...

Hi Jane,

Trouble with our great patio is there are so many bugs in the summer, we can hardly eat there... ;-( We still enjoy the pool very much though!

Ani said...

nice to see you on 'the view'...:D

happy weekend!

Dominique said...

Hi Ani,

You know that if I'm doing it, it's because of you, right? I really liked your photo, it inspired me!