Friday, June 26, 2009

13 Things We Saw in New York City Last Weekend

1. Huge billboards
2. Tourists
3. The place where John Lennon had been killed
4. Strawberry Fields and the "Imagine" mosaic
5. Dripping wet umbrellas
6. Lots of counterfeits (purses, belts, perfumes, sunglasses, etc.)
7. A funny movie
8. A real flea market
9. Lots of people at the Apple store
10. Lots of toys at FAO Schwarz
11. Dinosaurs
12. Heinous people (we couldn't believe it)
13. Exorbitant prices (especially for food)


jane said...

yup- sounds like a weekend in ny:) have a great week!

Dominique said...

@Jane: it was lovely. Can't wait to go back for more!