Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm An Explorer.

•Bought another of Keri Smith's book (how can we resist, she is so great).

•Realizing how much I've been an explorer, a person who needs to collect for as long as I can remember.

•Observing more than ever, using my 5 senses.

•Feeling the need to analyze what I observe.

•Not asking myself why I needed to slow down at work anymore.

•Enjoying my moments of freedom so much.

•Taking pleasure in little things and being eager to spend the entire month of December to do so.

•Listening ot my internal clock telling me to sleep a little later and go to bed a little later as well.

•Loving more (my husband, my daughters, my friends, my work, my hobbies, my projects, life).

•Taking good care of myself (for a change!)...
Found this while walking at lunch time, probably a piece of a princess costume. It's cute: pink, shiny, looks like a precious stone. I think I get the message: my daily walks (4km each time) are precious, they give me a healthier complexion and keep me «enlightened» :-) We can find small doses of encouragement everywhere in the nature, just keep your 5 sens alert.
And you, what have you discovered today?

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