Friday, October 31, 2008

13 Things I Smelled While Fastwalking

1. rain
2. crisp fresh autumn air
3. French fries from la Cantine Chez Jos
4. pine trees (which reminds me of camping when I was a child)
5. cedar (I live in cedar hedge wonderland, so...)
6. freshly mowed lawn (less frequent since a couple of weeks!)
7. tar (and that really stinks!)
8. old men's aftershave when I pass them (in the morning only)
9. pollution (trucks, cars)
10. kitchen smells (and that smells good!)
11. compost or garbage when I decide to fastwalk on Tuesday or Thursday morning
12. apples (and a few weeks later, when apples are rotting on the ground, some sour smell, almost like vinegar)
13. and worst of all... stinky skunks (panic button, I keep my eyes wide open, ready to escape, yes, I'm afraid of skunks. Very. Really. Totally. Scared. That's it.)

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