Friday, November 7, 2008

13 Random Facts at Ariane Moffat's Show Last Night

1. Ariane is brilliant, handles the public well, sings divinely and is clearly having lots of fun on stage.
2. Good chemistry between her and her musicians was obvious.
3. Inspiring lighting.
4. Graphic animations very appropriate and contributed to a comfy ambiance.
5. Her adaptations to her songs are always great, we do not miss the original versions (which is not the case usually)
6. Her public loves her, warm atmosphere (if you forget the 2-3 year-old screaming in the theatre... Can someone explain this to me, I don't understand. Ariane reacted well to the situation, good for her!)
7. The room was not organized for dancing, but Ariane made us stand up and we danced through one song.
8. Sound, wow... We could easily hear the lyrics and all the musical subtleties. Grrrrrreat.
9. Marie-Pierre Fournier as a «first part» (3 songs), beautiful voice, funny on stage, remember her name.
10. Even the songs I like a little less were fantastic.
11. The musical chair game (each musician changing instrument for a song), fun and friendly.
12. Go to a show in my hometown and barely knowing anyone, weird. Luckily I was with a good friend of mine.
13. I thought of my daughters a lot during the show, the tickets were my birthday gift (hugs and kisses darlings, thanks a lot!).

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