Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah, She Did It Again!

My postcards from last summer...

Yesss, Andrea decided to organize another postcard swap. A must to welcome summer with all due respect. Like last year, the theme is: summer! I already planned my evening, tomorrow to find my concept (my favorite part of the process) with my favorite artistic partner and her lovely son, our official mascot for this year postcard swap :-)

Feeling tempted? Just write an email to Andrea so she knows you're interested and get ready to make around fifteen summer postcards. Andrea will send you a list of addresses, your new web friends (not even a joke, that's how I got to know Ani, Cathy, Nina, Emily... Which led me to the discovery of other really cool blogs!).

Can't tell you enough how great it is to receive something else besides bills and junk via my mailbox... It is so much fun that now, I make more postcards that I send to my friends, just to say hello, fun included, smile guaranteed!

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