Friday, April 4, 2008

13 Pairs of Shoes

I bought something yesterday: red shoes!

It inspired me for my Friday list of 13. So here are the shoes from my wardrobe. Some are okay, some had a long life. I'm not really a «shoe person»: my feet are so narrow, finding a pair that fits is tough...
Here are my little red shoes. My Dorothy shoes. Weird thing, I usually wear size 8 and then, bang, I had to switch to 7 1/2. Are my feet shrinking? Even the sole is pretty!
Very old shoes, not very feminine, I agree. Very comfortable though and Amélie Poulain wears an identical pair, with skirts. I don't know if I'll dare one day...
My little ballerina shoes. Very, very comfortable even for long walks. As soon as the weather gets warmer (when socks won't be necessary), they become my indoor shoes.
THE pair of high-heeled shoes. I'd love to wear high heels, something ultra feminine. Can't. With ultra narrow feet like mine, it is out of question, since I'm always a little (sometimes a lot too) loose in them... *Sigh*. So what about these shoes? Well, I've worn them 3 times max. They still hurt me (see the band-aids inside?)...
My wardrobe's shame. Dirty old beach shoes, a bit disgusting that I'm keeping them anyway. Want to know why? For gardening, they're the best: they don't fear dirt, soil, mud and all... And when it gets too hot or when pebbles find a way between my toes, I just throw them in the air. Whippee!
Black loafers. Nothing special, right? Well, they belong to my oldest daughter (who has taller feet), but I like them, they're comfy. A little too large, but still...

My walking shoes! They've seen many sidewalks: Boston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Paris, Montréal (many, many times)... Gotta go get new laces before going to Las Vegas in May!
My «working» shoes, those I wear with my «serious» clothes!

Well, sandals. Not nice, not really comfortable. Might be their last summer under my roof.
My sneakers, I love them. Well laced, it's the ultimate comfort for me. They too have traveled quite a lot...

Yes, yes, I still have Kickers! Shoes that remind me of my adolescence. Too large, but I'm used to them and since they are everything but high-heeled, I can manage.

My indoor shoes when I wear socks. Can't wait to put them in the wardrobe for the summer!

Bought these last summer. I smile a lot when I wear them, they make me feel special, funky (which I'm not, especially when it comes to clothes).

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angel's wings said...

i looooove ur shoes especially the amelie and kickers ones =D