Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Daughter's Prom

That's it, we're done. Done with the shopping for my daughter Alizée's prom. After discussing it, we decided to go easy on the amount to spend on the kit, the prom is an important rite of passage, but there's no need to spend like crazy. We are definitely on a saving mood these days, a good thing considering some of our future projects. And the mood has spread to the girls, which is great. My daughters know how to manage their money well and the idea of saving is fine as well. Thank God... I've had so much trouble dealing with money at one point in my life, I made it a priority in the education of my daughters and I can see it's going well. Marvelous...

Going back to the prom kit, another great thing: we found everything in less than an hour, probably a record here! First boutique, we found the dress (2 out of 5 suited her fine, she even had to make a choice) at a very reasonable price and just out of the boutique, we found the purse (60% off). We stopped by for shoes (we had selected a store where shoes are cheap), bought a shawl to cover her shoulders in case it gets colder in the evening (which either she or I will wear after the prom) and got very simple (and not expensive) jewels. All for less than the average cost of my daughter's friends dress. Good job!

When I finished high school, our prom was not a big deal, I didn't even go and I don't regret it. When I finished university I went. I was the only one without a date and the only one wearing pants.

For Alizée, it will be completely different: she spent 5 years in an all-girl school where her group of friends is made of 17 girls. She is involved in many varied activities, she adores her school, she will certainly cry when it will be the end. Until then, she enjoys every moment, she participates, she's involved again and again, she's creating imperishable souvenirs. With the help of technologies (and being herself a cinema and photography addict), she has gathered long hours of filming, hundreds of photos to remember the fun she had, her friends, the pleasure of being a teenager. Lucky girl...

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