Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Journal, Being a Mother

Months go by, winter is getting a little tired and baby Mateo takes more and more space in her mother's womb. Last night, that mother lead a wonderful creative writing workshop especially made for mothers. She wanted to be surrounded by maternal vibes since she is going to have her baby in a couple of weeks. Great reflections, varied experiences, moving moments, becoming a mother is such a big event. Being a mom is definitely long term contract, the most beautiful contract of all, the most gratifying and the one with the best pay ever. Thanks to all the mothers who were there, the atmosphere was so pleasant. Thanks for revealing yourself, your experience.

A last thank you to the gorgeous Tanja who (everyone will agree with me) is an exceptional human being (okay, now I'm crying, again...), a glowing woman who often gives us the missing little push we need to be ourselves, to be true, to be a woman, to vibe to the rhythm of the great things around us.

I wish you the best and even better! xx

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Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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