Thursday, March 20, 2008


Noon, a call from a florist: Will I be home this afternoon for a delivery? Well, hum, yes, between two texts to read and three e-mails to reply to... Who's the mystery sender? Today's not my birthday, my husband hasn't done anything naughty that would require flowers as an apology (he's so perfect...), okay, I had an extraordinary success and sold many of my handmade bags (6!), but receiving flowers for that?

No, I couldn't guess. Really. It was impossible to guess. The flowers are from my boss, an exceptional woman with whom work is a pleasure. Always. The timing is funny, yesterday I kept myself from stopping at a flower shop (I'm trying to save money for a project I have)... Well here are my flowers!

Thanks Anne, this is really nice. Darn tears...

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