Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am officially a business woman! I am spending lots of time creating stuff for the «encore...» collection, all sorts of bags, aprons and many more other items to come. The problem is not with the ideas, it's the lack of time! Sales will be done online at first, my sweet hubby is working on the server at the moment, it should not take too long...

Here are two of my last tote bags, just a little preview for Manon who is desperate because she was not my first official customer :-) I made many more bags, but I keep a little mystery until the site is ready.

I am so addicted, that Monday evening when I put away all my stuff for the week (hey I still have a full time job!), I felt a little blue. Last evening, I couldn't resist anymore, I decided to sew a little more, a present for a lovely little mademoiselle.

As soon as the site is ready, I'll post the address. I am very excited about all this, me, an entrepreneur? Well, dahhhh!

Many many thanks to Claude, Alizée, Miranda, Tanja, Manon, Brigitte, Cathy and Anne for your support. If I am sewing with such a great big smile, it's a little because of you!

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