Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Message For You

I was inspired by an idea of Keri Smith's book Guerilla Art Kit but I didn't actually do it, I've let it simmered down, I guess. I have tons of projects in progress and I don't have enough time! Between sewing, the writing of the book, taking pictures, blogging, well, I work full time too!

Finally, it's Andrea (aka Hula) who gave me a little boost to give the mini messages project priority number one.

The idea is simple: leave small strips of paper on which a simple message, a lovely note is written. It's an anonymous gift to strangers: to inspire them, to make them smile, even to have them think. An example? Well something like:

• Life is great, isn't it?
• You're an extraordinary person.
• Use recycling bags when you run errands. It's good for me. Thanks, Your Planet xx
• Be nice to people you love.
• Happiness is contagious

I started leaving my messages yesterday: in a mailbox slot, between page 1 and 2 of the local newspaper at the gas station, and a last one at my daughter's school stuck in the fence.

I still have a basket full of messages to distribute, but I'm not rushing it. I've decided not to go on an expedition like Andrea; I'll have some with me and will leave them whenever I'm inspired. Tomorrow, I have to go to Montreal for work (meeting + filming) so watch out big city, I'm coming!


Cathy said...

You really did this? That is soooo cool! When I saw the idea on Hula's blog, I immediately wanted to do it too. Maybe...

Sarah said...

I love the idea of slowing sending them out into the world. Have fun finding inspiring places!

Ani said...

so fun! i wish i could see the faces of the people finding them...