Friday, October 19, 2007

13 Things I Like Doing For/With My Daughters

1. Do their hair (dry or flatten)
2. Watch a movie, TV series
3. Clear the table (much faster as a "group" and we take advantage of that time to chit-chat)
4. Drive them here and there. (My man likes it too)
5. Being able to give them an allowance (they learned a lot about money and saving because of that)
6. Listen to them
7. Talk to them
8. Share passions
9. Cuddle up
10. Go shopping (not for the buying part but for the time spent together)
11. Eat at the restaurant (we take a longer time to eat then)
12. Go on vacation (close or far away)
13. Take care of them when something is not going on too well (whatever it is)

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore them? :-)

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