Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miranda's Bed

A bedroom is a shelter, a very private place, especially if you don't have to share it. My daughters have that feeling of a personnal space. That's cool. And if we are restricted by the available space (old houses for average incomes have rooms that are quite small...), imagination has all the necessary space. On her bed (yes, it was done that day, yay!), we usually find lots of animals, well organized, well behaved, no fighting around here. A few weeks ago, though, she got rid of most of the plush toys (they're hidden somewhere...) and kept the "green" ones (okay, okay, the polar bear isn't green...) with hippopotamuses in the middle of the bed.

Hippopotamuses are synonyms of a lot of souvenirs, the most important being the nickname Miranda gave them when she was very young. Even if she started talking at a very young age, she sometimes had to modify the most difficult words. (and hippopotamus, between the age of 2, well, that's something...). She called them "petits potames» (meaning little tamuses, in French). Too cute, hey? We kept the name... I offered a «petit potame» to Eliane last year. A new tradition is born!

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