Friday, September 7, 2007

A Little Late!

I know, today is Friday and usually, I write about something I love on Thursday. Well, yesterday I went out, arrived home late, I was tired, not inspired, bla-bla-bla...

So here I am. I've received a beautiful postcard for the Fall Postcard Swap and it inspired me so I started mine. They're not entirely finished, but they're on their way.

I find this idea of making and sending postcard so interesting. And we send them to perfect strangers sometimes living far away from home. And it's a pleasure to send them as much as to receive them. And it's a great opportunity to create, to find a concept, to get ready for it, to start it, to see our ideas become reality. I really like postcard swaps. Do you?


Sanne said...

I think postcard swaps are great. I'm not quite ready to let go of summer and start crafting for my autumn cards though as it seems we haven't had much of a summer in the UK. We found some shiny conkers and I've been talking to my 3 year old about the leaves changing colour. we are going to make a autumn table in a few weeks time.

Ani said...

i'm with sanne...i love the swap but while i'm ready for fall, fall isn't ready to fully emerge. i may be a straggler and be sending mine slightly late. but that just extends the fun, right? :)