Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Things

I've discovered this site with little "things" to add to your blog.

I've decided to include this one, for fun. I felt like a teenager again...

You Are a Purple Crayon

Your world is colored in dreamy, divine, and classy colors.
You hold yourself to a sky high standard, and you are always graceful.
People envy, idolize, and copy you without realizing it. You are an icon for those who know you.
And while it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it's paying off!

Your color wheel opposite is yellow. While yellow people may be wise, they lack the manners and class needed to impress you.

A funny thing, I did the quiz where it's supposed to tell me, after some totally unrelated questions, which 2nd language I should learn. Well, a revelation: I should learn French! Seriously!

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