Friday, September 7, 2007

13 Signs That Fall Is Coming

1. Our garden is history
2. The lawn is filled with apples that fell from our trees
3. Nights are colder (okay, not tonight)
4. In the morning, we need to put on a little sweater or something
5. It's getting darker earlier in the evening
6. The girls are back to school
7. I'm doing my postcards for the fall swap
8. I'm preparing training sessions that I'll be giving soon
9. I don't go swimming anymore (my man still does)
10. Maple and apple leaves are changing colors and falling on the ground
11. There are lots of wasps (because of the apples!)
12. Going to Montreal in the morning is not easy
13. At Marché Jean-Talon, there are looooots of fresh vegetables (great colors and flavors...)

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