Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

At 11:33 (PM), on the 8th day of the 8th month, in 1991 was born my first daughter, Alizée. It was a joyous moment, filled with happiness where my live changed for the best. My sister on my side, I delivered a wonderful little girl who has grown up a lot since then.

I remember how she was rocked with care, watched 101 Dalmatians all the time, created stories about princes and knights (not really the princess type; she found the princesses boring and preferred the princes who had swords, horses and lives filled with action and excitement), found the joys of computers, learned to make bubbles with chewing gum (an important moment in the lives of children), became a scout (to learn about survival techniques, camouflage and building shelters), started high school and decided she wanted to go to boarding school. One day she became a woman, another day she had her first girls' night at home while us, the parents, were gone.

That's all yesterday. Today, she is 16...

Happy birthday my sweet Alizée!
Mom xx

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