Sunday, August 5, 2007


You've heard about Hula desperately looking for the butter? Well, she and I sometimes go through similar situations. So here, we were desperately looking for the 3rd CD. I've burnt 3 for my husband who spends a lot of time in his car, so he can listen to good music and, obviously think about how wonderful his wife is (nothing's free, hey?). I've put the CDs in the car late in the evening on Thursday with a post-it (t'was a surprise) and placed them so he could see them as he sat in the car, in the morning.

He was, oh so happy about CD #1 and CD #3 but for days now, we couldn't find CD #2. AND I KNEW I PUT IT IN THE CAR! I looked on my desk (maybe I didn't put it in the car?), Claude looked in both our cars (in case I mixed his CD with my CDs) and again, and again. After writing a comment on Hula's blog I decided I needed to go see by myself in the car. You know how women are, they have to go see by themselves! My husband was laughing a little, knowing "it wasn't there", but still he wanted the darn CD. So I started looking under the seat, behind the seat and then I saw it...And I was almost ready to accuse Monsieur Lebel...
Monsieur Lebel was my neighbor when I was a child and we always accused him of taking stuff we couldn't find anymore. Of course, it was impossible he had taken any of our stuff, or, was it? (Horror film music as a background...)

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