Thursday, August 9, 2007


Creacamp, Sept. 22 2007
I've just registered to go to the next creacamp. I've read many blogs where authors were talking about their meeting in Chicago (BlogHer) and it gave me the courage (well, the word is a little too strong, I admit...) to go for it too (made in Québec). I'm still not ready to give a presentation, talk about my stuff. I'll sneak around, first. And we'll see for the following time!

I'm on something with Tanja. It's still an embryo (ok, more a sprakle in the universe) but it keeps going around in my head... We'll redefine our work or at least give it an essential boost. Our arts 'n crafts dates have such a positif impact on us, we decided we have to do something about them. To be continued...

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