Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was sitting at my work table when I ask out loud: "What should I be writting on for my 'Thursday Love' entry?" "Talk about me", said Miranda matter-of-factly. A special request like that, how could I refuse?

So, my Mimi... You'd have to meet her in person to understand how nice and happy-joy-joy this child, hmmm teen, is. She is very curious: so many questions on so many topics, in the car earlier, we discussed atomic bomb shelters and she was astonished to learn that I've lived in one for around 10 days in 1993, when we toured in Switzerland with the Philharmonique (I used to play the flute). We've talked about loans, raising kids, politics and those were the easy topics!

She loves doing arts and crafts, play on the computer, take pictures, write poems, play the piano, spend time with her friends (Lucie, Maude, Sarah), swim, watch 'Charmed' (and recently CSI!) and talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. She started talking at very young age. Everything related to words have always fascinated her. She even learned to read at 4, on her own. One day I was reading her a book, while pointing at the words, a few days later, she was reading. It was as simple as that.

Miranda is a little kitty (but I'm definitely NOT allergic to that tyupe of kitten) who likes to be cuddled, who looks for hugs and kisses. And she likes posing for her mother, as you can see on the photo. Miranda, I love you, so a lot very much... Mom xx

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