Thursday, August 30, 2007


Fire is an element I like a lot. I love its light, I'm definitely a woman who dislikes darkness. I also love heat; I'm always feeling cold. Even if the ambient temperature is warm, it's not uncommon for my feet to be cold. In the winter, I have to make sure I cover my ears, the tip of my nose and my fingers who freeze so rapidly, it's almost ridiculous. Naturally, my feet follow not so long after...

If it was not for the bugs, I'd be a fan of campfires. The smell of burning wood (& BBQ) is a direct link to nice childhood memories.

For my 40th birthday, I went to Paris, to make sure I wouldn't feel time flying. It worked! Of course, as tourists, we had to stop by the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. The majority of the photos taken inside are too dark, but this one, I like. I have a thing for those mini candles and I have a large stock at home, in case of another ice storm...!


PixieDust said...

I love this photo... and I'm with you on the heat thing. As a spoiled Californian, anything below 68 degrees and I'm running for a heater wondering who stole our sun!!


Dominique said...

California I miss you. Wanna go back to that lovely place... Soon!